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Dosha for Life

Introduction to Chapters

A contemporary Examination of the Ancient Ayurvedic Science of Self-healing

Chapter 1 - A Jorney into Ayurveda

What is Ayurveda?
How are we linked to all life forms and to our environment?
Challenging assumptuions.
Body Types or Doshas.
Six tastes.
Physical and emotional characteristics of the three body types.

Chapter 2 - Quantum Theory and the Five Elements

Early Views of Physics.
Quantum Mechanics.
Ayurveda and Quantum Theory.
The Five Elements of Ayurveda.

Chapter 3 - The Senses: Taste, Smell and Sight

The Gunas or Qualities.
Smell and memory.
Therapy using smell memory.
Fibonacci Series.

Chapter 4 - The Senses: Hearing, Touch and Spirit

Senses and body types.

Chapter 5 - Making Environmental Changes

Working environment.
Home environment.
Shapes and forms that suit each Dosha type.

Chapter 6 - Sleep and Relaxation

What is sleep?

Chapter 7 - Combination Doshas

Chapter 8 - The Seasons

Seasonal Eating.
Daily Cycle.

Chapter 9 - Dosha Imbalances

Chapter 10 - Simple Ayurveda Home Remedies

Therapeutic Teas.
Ayurvedic Skin Care.
Headache Remedies.
The Common Cold and Cough.


Appendix A - Dosha Questionnaire
Appendix B - The Five Elements
Appendix C - Vata Tastes, Pitta Tastes, Kapha Tastes
Appenidx D - The Golden Selection
Appendix E - Environmental Consideration for the Three Doshas
Appendix F - Three Part Breathing
Appendix G - The Tilt of the Earth`s Aixs causes Seasons
Appendix H - Qualities and Attributes of the Doshas

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